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Here you'll find information on everything from the current traffic situation, bridge safety and border control to environmental zones, electric car charging and which lane to choose in the toll station. Have a nice trip - and remember to enjoy the view

The Øresund Bridge stretches across the water under a clear blue sky, with the city visible in the background.

Are you ready for your trip across the Øresund bridge?

Current traffic situation

Here you will find the latest traffic information and live images from the pylons.

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Are you ready to go?

What do I need to keep in mind before crossing the Øresund bridge? We have listed the most important things to remember before you head out. 

List of things to keep in mind  

The toll station

In the toll station we have dynamic signage and we continuously adapt the signs to reflect the traffic.

See our signs and find out which lane you should drive in

Fast-charge your electric car

You can easily fast-charge your electric car at a favorable price in connection with your trip over the Øresund bridge.

Charging stations' locations and prices

Border control

The Swedish police perform border controls on the Øresund bridge towards Sweden and, in rare cases, towards Denmark. You must be able to show proof of identity.

Border control and customs on the bridge


At Øresundsbron, safety is our top priority. Traffic is monitored around clock by trained staff, both manually over cameras and automatically using sensors along the entire connection.

How we keep the entire connection safe and secure

Danish environmental zone sign marking the entrance to environmental zones. The sign has a white background, black text and border, and a red circle to indicate the zone.

Low emissions Zones in Denmark

Denmark is implementing new, stricter rules for diesel-powered vehicles in emission zones. The new regulations took effect on October 1st, 2023, and apply to Denmark's five largest cities. Those who violate the rules may be fined.

Requirements for your vehicle

Mobile reception on the bridge - new measurement from April

Mobile reception on the Øresund bridge is continuously measured to check the coverage on different parts of the link. The latest measurement was conducted in April of 2024 and showed that one provider is better than the others.

Read more about mobile reception on the bridge and the latest measurement

En person kopplar in sin mobiltelefon till laddning i bilen.