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An ØresundCOMMUTER contract is perfect when you have employees commuting across the Øresund bridge.

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Important information when crossing the bridge with Ukrainian car, emergency aid or refugees

Since 1st of March 2022 all passenger cars with Ukrainian license plates can cross the Øresund Bridge free of charge.

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The Oresund bridge illuminated in the blue and yellow colours of the Ukrainian flag.

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What do I need to keep in mind before crossing the Øresund bridge? We have listed the most important things to remember before you head out.

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Mobile reception on the bridge - new measurement from April

Mobile reception on the Øresund bridge is continuously measured to check the coverage across the link.

Read more about mobile reception on the bridge and the latest measurement.

En person kopplar in sin mobiltelefon till laddning i bilen.
Red sign with white text saying PENDLER Only and a picture of a car.

Fast track for commuters

Many commuters have requested dedicated commuter's lanes at the toll station. We're happy to inform you that we now have Fast track lanes for commuters during rush hour traffic.

The lanes are marked with this red PENDLER Only sign, and we're hoping this simplify your daily commute through the toll station with your ØresundCOMMUTER contract.

Danish environmental zone sign marking the entrance to environmental zones. The sign has a white background, black text and border, and a red circle to indicate the zone.

Low emissions Zones in Denmark - stricter rules from October 1, 2023

Denmark is implementing new, stricter rules for diesel-powered vehicles in emission zones. The new regulations took effect from October 1st, 2023, and apply to Denmark's five largest cities. Those who violate the rules may be fined.

Read more about Low emissions Zones in Denmark and find out the specific requirements for your vehicle.

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The Bridge Run 2025

Øresundsbron turns 25 years in 2025 and celebrates with a unique half marathon between Sweden and Denmark. The race has 40.000 runners and is one of very few chances to run this distance over water.

The starting shot will be fired on Sunday June 15th in 2025 at 09.00 am.

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People are running the Bridge Run across the Øresund Bridge.