Med rabattavtalet ØresundGO kör du alltid över Øresundsbron till lägsta möjliga pris.

Always the lowest price across the Øresund Bridge

With ØresundGO, you'll always cross the Øresund Bridge at the lowest rate. ØresundGO is an annual discount contract, that costs 359 DKK per year. Also, you'll enjoy over a 60% discount on each passage.


Enjoy affordable trips across the Øresund Bridge

Experience all that our neighboring country has to offer while saving money from your very first round trip across the Øresund Bridge.

ØresundGO was previously known as Bropass, but as of 2023, we've revamped and rebranded the agreement. Welcome to a more affordable and hassle-free crossing.

Discover the benefits of ØresundGO discount contract

  • Less than half the price. Enjoy over 60% off on a one-way trip, paying only 175 DKK instead of the regular 505 DKK for a passenger car up to 6 meters in length. See all prices here

  • Discounted rate for two vehicles within the same household. ØresundGO allows two vehicles to benefit from the discount simultaneously, and you can switch between up to five vehicles within a year.

  • Hassle-free travel. We'll scan your license plate, so you can breeze through the toll station without stopping.

This is how much you save with ØresundGO®

Price per one-way trip with ØresundGO

175 DKK

Regular price per one-way trip

505 DKK

Savings per one-way trip

330 DKK

ØresundGO costs 359 DKK per year in annual fee. Find the prices for all types of vehicles here


ØresundGO Facts

  • You can have two vehicles linked to the discount agreement simultaneously.

  • In total, you can connect up to 5 unique vehicles to your discount agreement in one calendar year.

  • ØresundGO is valid for cars, motorcycles, vans, motorhomes, and minibuses. See the prices here

  • You can cancel ØresundGO at any time through My Account.

  • ØresundGO Terms and Conditions

Family stopping for a picnic on a road trip with OresundGO.
The Oresund bridge illuminated in the blue and yellow colours of the Ukrainian flag.

Important information when crossing the bridge with Ukrainian car, emergency aid or refugees

Since 1st of March 2022 all passenger cars with Ukrainian license plates can cross the Øresund Bridge free of charge.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you are crossing the bridge a single time

Our Online ticket is perfect for when you do not have an ØresundGO contract and wish to purchase occasional trips over the bridge.


When you are commuting across the strait

ØresundCOMMUTER is a favorable contract if you commute across the bridge at least 2 or 3 times per week.

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One ticket all the way to Germany

Buy the combination ticket and take the easiest way to Germany with the bridge and Scandlines.

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