If you make more than one single trip across the bridge every year in your spare time.

Passenger cars crossing the bridge


  • The lowest price when you drive in across the bridge in your spare time.

  • You can have up to two vehicles connected to your contract at any time and switch between five vehicles during the course of one year. Choose which vehicle or vehicles you would like to activate under My account.

  • Pass through the toll station without stopping – we will scan your license plate number automatically.


Buying ØresundGO

ØresundGo® is a continuous discount contract with an annual fee of 349 DKK. You pay a fee of 170 DKK for every single trip. The contract is automatically renewed after one year.

You can cancel your contract at any time. Go to My account to cancel your contract.

More about the discount contract

The license plate scanning works on the Øresund bridge. You may need to order a bizz if you plan on passing through other toll stations. If you choose to order a bizz it must be connected to your license plate number. This is done under My account.

Contract Details

Annual fee

349 DKK

Price per trip

See price list

Contract period

1 year with automatic renewal

Number of vehicles

Max. 5 vehicles per calendar year

Number of active vehicles



ØresundGO Terms


Important information when crossing the bridge with Ukrainian car, emergency aid or refugees

Since 1st of March 2022 all passenger cars with Ukrainian license plates can cross the Øresund Bridge free of charge.

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If you are crossing the bridge a single time

The Online ticket

Our Online ticket is perfect for when you do not have an ØresundGO contract and wish to purchase occasional trips over the bridge.


When you are commuting across the strait


A favorable contract if you commute across the bridge at least 2 or 3 times per week.

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If you are heading out into Europe

The combination ticket

Buy the combination ticket and take the easiest way to Germany with the bridge and Scandlines.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to cross the Øresund Bridge?

How long does it take before I can drive over the Øresund Bridge after I have added my license plate?

When do I need to use a bizz?