Border control at the Øresund bridge

The Øresund bridge in blue tones.

The Swedish police perform border controls on the Øresund bridge towards Sweden and, in rare cases, towards Denmark. You must be able to show proof of identity. A valid driver's license issued in a Nordic country is usually sufficient for Nordic citizens, but the safest option is to show a passport. Please note that the traveler is responsible for proving their citizenship. 

If you are unsure about the rules for ID checks, you can read more on the Swedish police website.

Avoid queues - have your ID ready 

To avoid queues and unnecessary waiting time for you and your fellow travelers, you can do the following:  

  • Have your ID ready at the toll station 

  • Swedish police state that accompanying children can obtain permission to visit Sweden with, for example, parental identification, questions and background checks 

  • Danish police state that all travelers must be able to show identification 

Passport control at the Øresund bridge toll plaza, where the Swedish authorities and customs carry out systematic checks.

Are you traveling with your dog or cat across the Øresund bridge? 

If you are bringing your dog or cat to Sweden from Denmark, you must notify Swedish Customs. You can do this either on the Swedish Customs website or at the border - you can find more information about this on the Swedish Customs website (Traveling with dogs or cats - Swedish Customs). 

If you bring your dog or cat to Denmark from Sweden (or another EU country, Norway or Iceland) and the animal has not been outside these countries, you can enter the country freely. It is not necessary to declare the animal at the border, but you must be able to present the necessary papers and documents to prove that the animal has entered the country legally. 

In addition, your animal must have either a chip or an ear tag. You can read more about this and other requirements at Traveling with a dog or cat to Sweden | Nordic cooperation (

Swedish Customs at the Swedish border at the Øresund bridge 

Swedish Customs is responsible for border control at the Øresund bridge in the direction of Sweden. Read more about border control here.

You can also stay informed on the websites of the following authorities: 

Danish Police (

Ministry for Foreign Affairs (

Øresunddirekt (Ø

Swedish Customs (