Mobile coverage on the bridge

Read more about mobile reception on the Øresundsbron and the results of the latest measurement. We work continuously with operators to improve reception on the bridge.

En person kopplar in sin mobiltelefon till laddning i bilen.

The mobile reception on the Øresund bridge comes from the base stations along the coast as well as a supplementary amplification system on the link itself. We continuously measure the coverage from the various mobile operators. The latest measurement from April 2024 shows that Tre (3) has the best reception on the bridge. If you have any questions about mobile reception on the bridge, please contact your operator. Øresundsbron is working with mobile operators to improve the customer experience of mobile telephony on the link

Measuring mobile reception on the bridge

Øresundsbron performs operator-independent measurements of coverage and services on both Danish and Swedish mobile operators' networks. The measurements are carried out via independent consultancies and the aim is to present the operator(s) with the best coverage in three different service areas:

  • Voice calls

  • Online meetings on Microsoft Teams

  • Streaming (YouTube)

Important factors include ensuring voice calls aren't interrupted during the crossing and that the customer can cross the country border without losing connection. The measurements are made primarily by car, but there are also measurements onboard trains. Trains, however, have poorer transmission of radio signals due carriage design and sunshade windows, and are therefore usually equipped with their own amplification systems.

Which mobile operators have the best coverage?

The latest measurement was performed in January of 2024 (by car only) and based on it the following operators are recommended:



Voice call

Online meeting


3 SE (Tre)

No operator can guarantee a good online meeting

Telenor SE
3 SE (Tre)
Telia SE



Voice call



3 DK (Tre)

No operator can guarantee a good online meeting

3 DK (Tre)
Telenor DK
Telia DK (Norlys)

The next measurement via train is scheduled for the third quarter of 2024.

Which mobile operators does Øresundsbron have agreements with in Sweden and Denmark?

Øresundsbron currently has agreements with the following Danish and Swedish mobile operators.

Danish operators connected to the enhanced mobile network:

  • TDC

  • Telenor DK

  • 3 DK (Tre)

  • Telia DK (Norlys A/S)

Swedish operators connected to the enhanced mobile network:

  • Tele2

  • Telenor SE

  • 3 SE (Tre)

  • Telia SE

In addition to these operators, there may be service providers and other telephony providers that use the above network for their services. Questions about these should be directed to the respective provider.

How does the technology work?

On the Øresund bridge there is an antenna system intended to reinforce and supplement the base stations on each coast. The system extends over the entire link, from the Kastrup peninsula via the tunnel, Pepparholm and all the way to the toll station at Lernacken. This system is called Dominant Cell Öresund and should be available on both highway and rail.

At present, mobile communications are sent for 2G (GSM), 3G (UMTS) and 4G (LTE). However, support for 3G is limited due to an ongoing shift of traffic from 3G to 4G, and 2G is undergoing a long-term phase-out, which means that older phones without 4G may experience general coverage problems on the bridge and elsewhere. For questions about mobile coverage on the Øresund bridge, please contact your operator.