When is the Øresund Bridge open?

The Øresund Bridge is open all day, all year around. However, unpredictable weather or accidents can affect traffic – thankfully that does not happen very often.

Statistically, the Øresund Bridge has a so-called availability of over 99%. For example, in 2019 availability was at 99,9%.

Certain events may cause short-term closures on the bridge in the interest of safety, for example in the event of strong winds or an accident.

In the event of closure, you can rest assured that the bridge will reopen as soon as it is deemed safe to do so.

Why is the bridge closed in both directions in the event of a traffic accident?

To ensure that emergency vehicles can reach you quickly in the event of an accident, it may be necessary to close the bridge in both directions.

As soon as the emergency services officer on the scene considers it safe to do so, the bridge can be reopened in one or both directions.

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