Punctuality in rail traffic

Operating rail traffic across national borders is a complex matter since several different parties are involved in making the trains run on time. Because of this, a cooperation agreement has been entered by all parties involved in work pertaining to train punctuality across Øresund. We call this group PÖLS (Punctuality in Øresund traffic through management cooperation).

The parties share the objective that all trains shall arrive and depart according to the set timetable. Each organisation within the Øresund traffic region conduct their own quality and punctuality work.

The purpose of PÖLS is to handle all cross-functional matters through cooperation between relevant actors, infrastructure managers, and railway companies. Thus, we can ensure the punctuality of both passenger and freight traffic on the Øresund Bridge railway, while maintaining quality of operations.

PÖLS deals with issues in which joint action is deemed to be successful. Other issues are handled separately within the respective organisations.


The work in PÖLS is organised in a steering committee consisting of representatives from Øresundsbro Konsortiet, Banedanmark, the Swedish Transport Administration, and the railway undertakings operating the Øresund fixed link, with the following tasks and mandate:

Have overall responsibility for the punctuality of Øresund traffic.

  • Monitor all punctuality activities in Øresund traffic

  • Formulate and set objectives

  • Are a decision-making body in matters relating to punctuality measures

  • Set up, if necessary, specific cross-functional working groups

  • Follow up on the effects of implemented activities

  • Representatives shall be the quorum for each organisation

  • Present monthly punctuality statistics for Øresund traffic

Working groups can be set up when it is necessary for a given task within the PÖLS work.

Working groups are set up by and present their results to the steering committee. When the objective of the working group is achieved, the working group is dissolved.

The chairmanship alternates between Banedanmark and the Swedish Transport Administration and is held for one calendar year at a time. The members of the committee are managers/decision-makers from Banedanmark, the Swedish Transport Administration, Øresundsbro Konsortiet, and railway companies that operate on the Øresund fixed link.

Steering committee meetings are held three to four times a year. The meetings are held alternately in Sweden and Denmark.