Before you drive across the Øresund bridge

If you have a contract

Start by logging into My account to check that you have the right vehicle and license plate number registered on your account as well as a valid payment card. If you have a bizz, check that it is connected to your vehicle's license plate number. 

No contract? 

Get the lowest price and a smoother trip across the bridge with the discount contract ØresundGO. When you have an ØresundGO contract or an Online ticket you can drive immediately and without stopping at the toll station. 

Stay updated on traffic information

Receive information about whether the bridge is open or closed or if there any alerts issued about road work or conditions you need to pay attention to while crossing the bridge.
See traffic information

Keep track of safety on the bridge

Read the safety information in order to be able to warn or assist in case of an incident. 

Clean license plate

Make sure your license plate is clean and, if you have a bizz, it is correctly place on your windshield. 

All fueled up? 

Make sure you have enough fuel in your car to avoid unnecessary stops on the bridge. 

Don't forget to enjoy the view!
We wish you welcome to the Øresund bridge and hope you have a nice trip.