Important information when crossing the bridge with Ukrainian car, emergency aid or refugees

Since 1st of March 2022 all passenger cars with Ukrainian license plates can cross the Øresund Bridge free of charge. Transports carrying emergency aid or refugees must be pre-approved in order to pass the toll station free of charge.

The following rules apply from 1st of March 2022 and until further notice. 

Passenger cars with Ukrainian license plates

When a passenger car with Ukrainian license plates arrives at the Øresund Bridge’s cash lane, it will be allowed to pass through the toll station free of charge, if there is a humanitarian purpose to the passage

Transports with emergency aid or refugees

For transports carrying emergency aid or refugees it is necessary to obtain a pre-approval by sending an email to the Øresund Bridge’s customer service ( Include a detailed description of the purpose of the trip as well as information about when you are traveling and when you plan on returning. If possible, send the email no later than 24 hours before departure. Our customer service department is unable to reply to emails sent on Saturdays and Sundays, meaning trips during weekends must be sent to customer service before noon on Fridays. It is not possible to obtain approval at the bridge’s toll station.

Contact information

The Oresund bridge illuminated in the blue and yellow colours of the Ukrainian flag.