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  • Through the toll station on the Øresund bridge

Through the toll station on the Øresund bridge

The Øresund bridge in daylight.

Which lane should I choose?

In the toll station we have dynamic signage and we continuously adapt the signs to reflect the traffic. Here you can see all our different types of signs and find out which lane you should drive in. If you accidentally drive in a different lane, our customer assistants are ready to help you. It's important that you don't start reversing to get into a new lane as you are on a highway.


Choose the green lanes if you are traveling by car, caravan/trailer, motorhome or motorcycle with a license plate reading, bizz or online ticket.

Card payment

Drive in the blue lanes if you want to pay by card or license plate reading.

Pendler Only

The red 'Pendler Only' lanes are reserved for commuter customers and are only open at certain times during rush hour.

Buses and trucks

If you are driving a truck or a bus, you must drive through the green lanes with the truck icon. These are typically located on the right side of the toll booth.


If you ride a motorcycle, you must choose the orange lanes to the extent that they are active. You can use the green, yellow and blue lanes if the orange motorcycle sign is not active.

Cash payment

Choose a yellow lane if you want to pay in cash or need personal service.

Did you go the wrong way?

If you have passed the last exit in Denmark or Sweden, continue until you reach the toll station. Here you can get help from staff around the clock. Note! It is important that you do not turn around in the middle of the highway!

Instead, continue until you reach the toll station, drive in one of the yellow lanes and wait for assistance from the staff.

Payment at the Øresundsbron toll station

You can pay by card, cash (DKK and SEK) and bizz/license plate reading (i.e. the payment method you have chosen through your payment provider and discount agreement)

Cards: We accept most standard card types.

Cash: We accept Danish kroner (DKK) and Swedish kroner (SEK).

Bizz and license plate payment: If you have a discount agreement linked to a payment provider (e.g. ØresundPAY or Brobizz), you can pay by bizz or license plate. You can read more about this in our FAQ.

Øresundsbron Customer Center

Our Customer Center is located on the south side of the toll plaza (towards Sweden) and is staffed from 9-17 Monday-Friday. Here you can see a map of the toll plaza with marked customer parking spaces, customer toilet and the way to the customer center.

Toilets and rest areas at the Øresund Bridge

Toilets: There is a single customer toilet in connection with our customer center on the south side of the toll station (towards Sweden). On the north side (towards Denmark) there is no customer toilet.

Remember that the Øresund Bridge is a highway and it is therefore not allowed to stop on the road. The only place you are allowed to stop is at the EON charging station in the direction of Denmark or if you drive into the parking lot in the direction of Sweden.

Rest areas: There is no rest area in connection with the toll station and the Øresund Bridge, and it is not permitted to park to take a break, walk the dog, eat packed lunches or similar.

There is a rest area at Kastrup, which is the last exit before the bridge on the Danish side. On the Swedish side, there is a rest area at Skånegården with EON charging stations and a dog walking area, and if you drive to the next exit, there is also a rest area and refueling facilities.