When do I need to use a bizz?

A bizz is a physical devise that you put in the windscreen of your car. When you drive through the toll station the bizz is scanned automatically, and you can drive straight through.

You no longer always need a bizz, as technical developments have made it possible to scan the same information from your license plate. Both the Øresund Bridge and the Great Belt Bridge can scan your license plate.

The journey is just as smooth with license plate scanning. The only difference is that the toll station scans your license plate rather than the bizz inside the car.

If you only drive over the Øresund Bridge and/or the Great Belt Bridge, you do not need a bizz.

In some cases, you will still need a bizz:

  • License plate scanning does not work in/on

    • Norway

    • Helsingør-Helsingborg ferry crossing

    • Rødby-Puttgarden or Gedser-Rostock ferry crossing

If you want to drive through these toll stations without paying by card or cash, you will need a bizz.

  • You have a commuter contract with Øresundsbron, that is registered for license plate scanning, but you want any trips you make in your free time to be paid with another contract. Then it makes sense to order a bizz and to use it when you drive in your free time. Once you have a bizz it will be scanned before your license plate.

  • You have license plate scanning for your private contact, but you want to pay with a work related bizz. The bizz is scanned before the license plate.

License plate number and bizz