Our ØresundCOMMUTER+ subscription offers your employees unlimited trips at a fixed price of DKK 2396, excluding VAT, per 30 days.

The Øresund Bridge stretches over calm waters under a clear sky at sunset.

About ØresundCOMMUTER+

Do you have employees who work in Sweden or Denmark and drive across the Øresund Bridge? We are now launching ØresundCOMMUTER+, an upgrade of our ØresundCOMMUTER contract.

ØresundCOMMUTER+ is for businesses with employees who commute at least 11 days a month, providing unlimited trips across the Øresund Bridge during a 30-day period.

News for you as a frequent commuter

  • Best pricing for employees commuting at least 11 days a month.

  • Fixed price – you know what the cost will be.

  • Unlimited number of trips during the 30 day period.

  • Commuters can update information about their selected vehicle themselves before they go.

How to upgrade to ØresundCOMMUTER+

Do you already have ØresundCOMMUTER? Log on to My Account and upgrade to ØresundCOMMUTER+.

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This is how much you save with ØresundCOMMUTER+

Number of single trips within 30 days

Pricing with ØresundCOMMUTER

Pricing with ØresundCOMMUTER+

You save

24 (12 working days)




32 (16 working days)




40 (20 working days)




Prices in DKK are excluding VAT. An annual fee for ØresundCOMMUTER of 287.20 DKK is added. The cost per trip with ØresundCOMMUTER is 140 DKK for trips 1-16 and 32.80 DKK for trips 17-50. See all prices here

Do you already have ØresundCOMMUTER?

Log in to My Account and upgrade to ØresundCOMMUTER+.

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Do you lack ØresundCOMMUTER?

First, purchase ØresundCOMMUTER and then upgrade on My Account.


Facts about the subscription ØresundCOMMUTER+

  • ØresundCOMMUTER+ is an upgrade of the ØresundCOMMUTER contract.

  • It is possible to connect one vehicle to the subscription at the time. The commuter cannot use the ØresundCOMMUTER contract at the same time as ØresundCOMMUTER+. Only the vehicle connected to ØresundCOMMUTER+ gets the discounted price. Other registered vehicles or bizzes will pay the full price while the subscription is active.

  • The commuter can change vehicles twice during every 30 day period.

  • The commuter can connect a total of 5 unique vehicles to their ØresundCOMMUTER+ and ØresundCOMMUTER contracts within one calendar year.

  • You can only use license plate recognition. Bizz cannot be used for ØresundCOMMUTER+. When using ØresundPENDLARE+, remember not to keep you bizz in your vehicle.

  • ØresundCOMMUTER+ is valid for passenger cars up to 6 meters and motorcycles.

  • You can cancel ØresundCOMMUTER+ at any time, and the cancellation will be effective for the current period. After that, your original discount contract ØresundCOMMUTER will become active with associated prices and terms.

  • Terms and conditions ØresundBUSINESS and ØresundCOMMUTER

Red sign with white text saying PENDLER Only and a picture of a car.

Fast track for commuters

Many commuters have requested dedicated commuter's lanes at the toll station. We're happy to inform you that we now have Fast track lanes for commuters during rush hour traffic.

The lanes are marked with this red PENDLER Only sign, and we're hoping this simplify your daily commute through the toll station with your ØresundCOMMUTER contract.

Important information when crossing the bridge with Ukrainian car, emergency aid or refugees

Since 1st of March 2022 all passenger cars with Ukrainian license plates can cross the Øresund Bridge free of charge.

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The Oresund bridge illuminated in the blue and yellow colours of the Ukrainian flag.