Filming and photography on the Øresund Bridge

The Øresunds Bridge is experiencing great interest from photographers, production companies and editors. Here go in depths with the general rules that apply to filming and photography on the Øresund connection. For safety reasons, it is important that these are respected.

At the toll booth

Please contact us in advance if you plan to take photos at the toll booth. It helps the staff who is monitoring the traffic and the staff at the toll booth by letting them know, what is happening and who it is.

In general, it is permitted to stand on the pavement by the buildings on the north or south side of the toll booth and film towards the traffic. Please note that it is forbidden to go out on the roadways without permission and accompanied by the bridge’s staff.

On the connection

When filming and/or taking pictures on the connection, it’s pretty much the same as filming on any highway. You just need to follow the general traffic rules.

In other words, it’s permitted to film with a camera inside a car, as long as nothing sticks out of the car. It is also permitted to film in a car which is being towed behind another car.

It is not permitted to have a camera mounted on an arm or crane, so that it sticks out of the car. It is also not permitted to drive parallel with two cars as you block the overtaking lane for other traffic. However, you are allowed to overtake as normal.

It is not permitted to stop the car and you must stay within the existing speed rules and neither drive too fast nor too slow.

You don’t need permission from us in order to film on the highway. However, it makes it easier for the traffic monitoring staff to know what is going on and who is responsible for the photography. Therefore, we wish to be contacted in advance regarding the date, time, and name of the contact person.

This also helps us if we get questions from customers who call in wondering what’s happening. We may also need to get in touch if something special happens on the bridge while the filming is taking place.

For special requests that requires assistance from the Øresund Bridge’s staff (incidents that differ from normal driving on the highway), you must contact us at least three weeks in advance. For each individual case, we decide what we can help with, depending on what kind of project it is, our resources, and other practical conditions.

Filming and photography from drones

It's not permitted to fly drones above the highway on the bridge or above the toll booth. The Øresunds Bridge does not issue permits but refers to the relevant authorities in Denmark and/or Sweden, depending on where the drone is flying. Find out which special rules apply near Copenhagen Airport in Kastrup here.

The rules for filming and photography from drones are generally different in Sweden and Denmark.
See which rules apply in Sweden here
See which rules apply in Denmark here

Contact the Øresund Bridge’s communactions department via well in advance of the planned photography and/or filming.