Øresundsbro Konsortiet

The Øresund Bridge builds bridges between people, opportunities, and experiences in the Øresund Region. The tasks of Øresundsbro Konstortiet is to own and operate the Øresund Bridge – a bridge, a tunnel and the artificial island, Peberholm. This makes up a 16-kilometer-long connection between Denmark and Sweden.

The Øresund Bridge

Øresundsbro Konsortiet

Øresundsbro Konsortiet is a Danish-Swedish company, which is equally owned in shares by A/S Øresund and Svensk-Danska Broförbindelsen SVEDAB AB. A/S Øresund is 100 percent owned by Sund & Bælt Holding A/S, which is owned by the Danish state. SVEDAB AB is owned by the Swedish state. The owners are jointly and severally liable for the obligations of the Øresundsbro Konsortiet.

Our task

The task of Øresundsbro Konsortiet as owner of the Øresund Bridge is to ensure a long-term and commercial sound and efficient company with a focus on operation and maintenance of the physical connection as well as marketing, customer service and financing. With income from the commercial part of the company, we are repaying the loans for which the bridge was built.

Øresundsbro Konsortiet promotes a positive development of the overall traffic across the Øresund by focusing on both road and rail. The bridge’s income is generated by increased transport and more journeys in a growing region – conditions that also create growth for the owners.


We build bridges between people, opportunities and experiences in the Øresund region.


A coherent and multiform region where everyone can travel easily, safely, quickly, and climate-friendly across the Øresund.

Business Idea

By operating and developing a firm and safe connection for road and rail traffic across the Øresund, we create social, cultural, economic, and environmental value for our costumers, owners, and the outside world.