New asphalt secures a smoother passage over the Øresund Bridge

Status of the bridge

Körbanor vid betalstationen vid Øresundsbron på den svenska sidan.

Håkan Kiendl, the manager of the toll station at the Øresund Bridge.

"It will now be smoother and better to pass through the toll station. Maintenance work will be carried out between 9 AM and 3 PM to ensure minimal impact on rush hour commuters," says Håkan Kiendl, the manager of the toll station at the Øresund Bridge. 

"The work is also partially scheduled during the autumn holidays to minimize disruption to commuters." 

The toll station remains open at all times. As a general rule, four out of nine lanes will be open in the direction of Denmark between 9 AM and 6 PM, and in the direction of Sweden, there is a reduced number of lanes open from 6 AM to 3 PM. Commuter and truck lanes will remain open but with a reduced number of lanes. 

During other times, there will be a normal flow at the toll station, with the exception for a few days when lanes for heavy traffic are being resurfaced. 

The Øresund Bridge always prioritizes safety and, therefore, places importance on carrying out the resurfacing before the winter season is here. A total of 38,000 square meters – equivalent to seven soccer fields – will be resurfaced in the toll station. 

Originally scheduled for 2026, the maintenance work has been brought forward to the autumn of 2023 through close dialogue with customers. 

"We recently inspected the asphalt and found it to be in worse condition than desired. Therefore, we have advanced the resurfacing to provide our customers with a continued safe and smooth passage," says Håkan Kiendl. 

Facts: Resurfacing at the Toll Station 

  • New asphalt will be laid throughout the Øresund Bridge area on Lernacken. This includes the toll station, police and customs area, entrance roads, parking, and service roads. 

  • The maintenance project's working hours are designed to minimize traffic disruption, with a particular focus on the important commuter times. Work will be carried out outside of rush hours, partly during the autumn holidays and before winter. 

  • Resurfacing work will take place during weeks 41-46, primarily between 9 AM and 3 PM. At least four lanes will always be open in each direction during the work. 

  • Commuter and truck lanes will remain open but with a reduced number of lanes during maintenance work. 

  • The heavy truck lanes require a type of asphalt that takes longer to cure. Therefore, lanes 6-9, heading towards Denmark, will be closed from October 18-20. Lanes 25-29, heading towards Sweden, will be closed from October 26-28. During these hours, there will be a reduced number of open lanes during rush hour traffic.