What is the difference between license plate scanning and a bizz?

License plate scanning and bizz are two different payment options for the toll station. The only difference is that the toll station scans your license plate instead of a bizz that is inside the car.

To cross the Øresund Bridge you can pay either with your license plate or a bizz. A bizz is a physical devise that you put in the windscreen of your car. License plate scanning means that you can drive without a bizz because the license plate is scanned automatically at the toll station.

You do not need a bizz to pay with your contract over Øresundsbron.

If, as a private customer, you chose to drive with a bizz, you should connect it to your license plate, or it will not register a discount if you have signed up for a discount scheme.

4 out of 5 of our customers chose to pay with license plate scanning and 99% of these are scanned safely with no complications. Something that we are very proud of, and we would love to have you on board

License plate number and bizz