Safety on the bridge

Traffic is monitored around the clock by staff in the traffic centre at the toll plaza.

Monitoring is done both manually via cameras and automatically via a series of meters and sensors on the bridge.

You are never alone on the Øresund Bridge - on the bridge or down in the tunnel.

Emergency telephones and emergency exits

Emergency telephones are installed in the tunnel, and you will be connected to the emergency centre as soon as you lift the handset. The Øresund Bridge Traffic Centre listens in so they can assess whether it is necessary to divert traffic. There are 88 meters between the emergency phones, which are located on the right wall in so-called emergency panels that also contain a fire extinguisher and a button for a fire alarm.

On the rest of the bridge there are signs showing what number to call if help is needed.

On the opposite side of the emergency panels, you will find emergency exits via green stainless steel doors, which should be used in case of fire or a major accident. The doors lead into an evacuation tunnel that runs parallel to the highway.

If you have problems on the bridge, such as an engine stalling or a punctured tire, please contact the police or road assistance.

What can you do?

Make sure you have enough fuel before you cross the Øresund Bridge.

Set your radio to FM 93.3, 96.5 or 102.0 with traffic announcements

Respect the speed limit

Keep extra distance to the car in front of you in the tunnel

Always follow the instructions on the signs

Find out where emergency telephones and emergency exits are located


On the Øresund Bridge we have defibrillators in the buildings either side of the toll station. The customer assistance team are all trained to use the defibrillators, so you are in good hands if disaster strikes.

Water leaks in the Øresund tunnel are harmless and normal

Natural movements in the tunnel due to temperature fluctuations cause small water leaks in the Øresund tunnel from time to time. It is very difficult to seal a tunnel completely and the tunnel is therefore designed to withstand small leaks, which are harmless.

Read more about leaks here.

Drive over the bridge