Our pylon lights

Our pylon lights

The Øresund Bridge pylon lights are usually illuminated in white light, but on special occasions we light up the bridge in different colours and scenarios. The illumination is based on Danish and Swedish bank holidays, as well as days that Øresundbrons Konsortiet has chosen.

Bridge illumination

The Øresund Bridge's new pylon lights premiered on the bridge's 20th anniversary on July 1st, 2020. Both energy efficiency and aesthetics weighed heavily in the design of the custom-designed, dynamic lighting.

The high bridge lights are designed to cope with the special wind and weather conditions on the Øresund Bridge. Our new lights provide a finer and more uniform light on the pylons.

Narrow beam luminaires minimise light pollution and save energy. Øresundbrons Konsortiet expect the new lights, that can be controlled and dimmed as needed, to be 80% more energy efficient than the previous lights, that were installed nearly 20 years ago.

The bridge lights are designed to not interfere with traffic on the road, in the air, or at sea.

Bridge illumination 2023

1 January: New Year’s Day

28. January: H.M. King Carl XVI Gustaf’s name day

5. February: H.R.H. Crown Princess Mary’s birthday

6. February: H.R.H. Crown Princess Marie’s birthday

8. March: International Women’s Day

12. March: H.R.H. Crown Princess Victoria’s name day

23. March: Nordic Day

9. April: Occupation Day

6.-10. April: Easter

16. April: H.M Queen Margrethe II’s birthday

29. April: H.R.H. Princess Benediktes’ birthday

30. April: H.M. King Carl XVI Gustaf’s birthday

1. May: May Day

5. May: Liberation Day

26. May: H.R.H. Crown Prince Frederiks’ birthday

28. May: Whitsunday

29. May: Veterans Day

5. June: Constitution Day

6. June: Sweden’s Independence Day

7. June: H.R.H Prince Joachim’s Birthday

15. June: Reunification Day

24. June: Midsummer Day

1. July: The Øresund Bridge turns 23

TBD: Malmö Pride

14. July: H.R.H Crown Princess Victoria’s Birthday

8. August: H.M. Queen Silvia’s Name Day

TBD: Copenhagen Pride

5. September: Denmark’s Veterans Day

24. October: UN Day

6. November: Gustav Adolf’s Day

3. December: 1st Sunday of Advent

10. December: 2nd Sunday of Advent

10. December: Nobel Day

17. December: 3rd Sunday of Advent

23. December: H.M. Queen Silvia’s Birthday

24. December: 4th Sunday of Advent

24.-26. December: Christmas Lights

31. December 18:00 – 01:00: New Year’s Lights

Bridge illumination is based on Danish and Swedish bank holidays, as well as days, events, and festivals that Øresundbrons Konsortiet wishes to draw special attention to. The illumination calendar is updated at the turn of each year and as needed. Weather and wind can make it difficult to see the bridge lights from a distance. This is especially true if the concrete of the pylons is damp, or if there is fog or mist on the bridge. Unfortunately, there is therefore no guarantee that the bridge lights can be seen clearly from land.

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