Are there speed bumps on the Øresund Bridge?

Dynamic speed bumps have been installed in the Øresund Bridge toll plaza when crossing to Denmark. The speed bumps are activated for cars travelling through the facility faster than the 30 km/h limit.

For the safety of both staff and customers, so-called dynamic speed bumps have been installed in the toll plaza.

If a vehicle approaches the facility at too high a speed - i.e., above the 30 km/h limit - a plate in the road is lowered, making the speed bump visible to the driver. If the speed is not reduced before the bump, the plate remains lowered.

In Øresundbron’s experience, this solution has reduced the number of speeding cars by up to 95%.

The dynamic speed bumps are only installed on the Danish side of the bridge, as there are Swedish border controls after the toll station, and as such no need for speed bumps.

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