Order, block, or replace bizz

Help reduce environmental impact – pay with your license plate 😊

If you register for license plate scanning, you save the hassle of remembering your bizz and putting it in the window. At the same time, you help protect the environment.

A bizz has a battery and a limited lifetime. When the battery is exhausted, it must be recycled to avoid polluting the environment.

License plate scanning is safe!

Besides being better for the environment, license plate scanning is very safe. 4 out of 5 of our customers chose to pay with license plate scanning and 99% of these are scanned safely with no complications. Something that we are very proud of, and we would love to have you on board.

You can use license plate scanning on the Øresund Bridge and the Great Belt bridge.

If you would still like to have a bizz and want to pass through other toll stations, you can order a bizz through your payment provider.

You can use your payment providers self-service centre to block your bizz.


If you want to use a bizz for a ØresundGO or a ØresundCOMMUTER contract, you need to register your license plate to the bizz to get a discount on the Øresund Bridge. You can do this in My Account.

If you get a new car, you need to change the license plate registered to your bizz.

Your payment provider could be ØresundPAY or Brobizz A/S.

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