Four important calls when repairing faults on the Øresund bridge railway

When a fault occurs on the railway it is reported by the railway undertaking to Banedanmark or the Swedish Transport Administration. They, in turn, report the fault to the maintenance contractor.

In the event of emergency fault repairs on the railway, the maintenance contractor or the Øresundsbro Konsortiet traffic manager (if the fault is in another technical system that affects railway operations) is obligated to keep Banedanmark and the Swedish Transport Administration informed about how the work is progressing. This enables Banedanmark, the Swedish Transport Administration and the railway undertakings to make a good forecast and to plan traffic accordingly.

When undertaking fault repairs, the maintenance contractor personnel shall make four phone calls to the Danish or Swedish train dispatcher to give progress reports.

  1. I am on my way and I estimate that I will be at the site in X minutes.
    This is when Banedanmark or the Swedish Transport Administration relay additional information that may be useful to the maintenance personnel.

  2. I am at the site and I am starting the troubleshooting.
    At this point the maintenance personnel gives an initial prognosis.

  3. I have identified the fault and have started repairing it. I estimate that it will take X minutes.

The fault is repaired.

Schematic simple flow chart Sweden
Schematic simple flow chart Denmark